"Fade changes" analog on GIO

Hi all

I am looking for a feature, similar to "Fade changes" in HOG. In other words - what to enable to make my changes (intensity/color/etc...) changing from one value to a new one slowly, using default fade time. Is very useful when you realize, that, for example, you miss a look and want to add one fixture @ FULL being in LIVE, but you want it to appear slowly, not attracting attention

Thanks for help!

  • so you want manual values ("programmer") to appear slowly? there are several ways:

    - Sneak: there's a dedicated button to change an instant change to a slower one. the default sneak time is defined in Setup>User>ManualControl, but can be overridden in every command line: Chan 1 @ 50 Sneak Enter, or Chan 1 @ 50 Sneak 12 Enter.

    - Manual Times in Setup: you can define transition times for all mannual changes, even separately for each category: Setup>User>ManualControl. *Hint: those can also be changed by macro, but it can't be a background macro

    - Manual Time Fader: you can define one (or more) fader to be a manual time fader. when setting manual values the console will first look up which time this fader is set to and then execute the manual change in this time. manual time faders can be filtered by category and/or channels. so you can have a manual time fader for your backlight position and another fader for all color changes.