Are these known issues in 2.8.2?

Hej dear ETC-People,

this summer I´m running a TI with an @5 as Backup for an Opera-Festival and ran i a couple of issues. Probably these are know and and fixed yet but I couldn´t find these in the release notes of 2.8.3 when I had a quick look.
1. User can be changed when the console is locked; you can affect the shutter tool when spending some time playing with the encoder screen of the locked console
2. color coding for marking devices does not always work properly in live; from time to time channels are marking and should show that green (they do in blind) but are purple until a GoToCue
3. Snapshots that should call all workspaces do not affect all 3 "layers" (talking about the workspaces you can reach by touch or TAB+UP) when fired from lets say layer one, to call layer two correctly it has to be fired there again; problem is when it´s not called correctly and updated  or re-recorded after that it will be broken from then on

Hope I could make myself clear.