Choppy Pixelmap

Gio @5 -

I've got a pixelmap heavy feature I'm on that I'm getting some choppy video I'm trying to solve.  I'm running about 16 universes of patched lights but probably only 2-5 running at any time.  I'm seeing lurchy playback on stock footage as well but I'm really trying to get some simple footage of looping bars to play right.  At higher resolution which I wanted for gradients it seems to max out the ram, even though it's a 250kb .mp4.  I've also tried 320*180 .mov and 60fps to see if I can get better motion.  I can't.  The unused show eats up 1100mb ram and when low res kicks in it's 1200 and a high res takes it to 1700-2k.

Testing the same show file on my laptop yields smooth results except my nomad dongle won't support 16 universes so I can't apples/apples test it.

I know EOS can play anything QuickTime can but is there a preferred codec/pixel/fps/bitrate?

Anything I should check or be aware of? I do a lot of pixelmaps and haven't noticed this before, even with many more universes patched.  It's been a long few weeks so maybe I'm missing something basic.

Here's a video comparison, I have the @5 running over some pixelstrips and it is the same level of choppy so it's not just the UI.