Colour pallet issue after 2.7..

Hi there

the first 2 photos show a selection of colour pallets of my 3 main fixtures used (VL1000TS; Rush Par 2 RGBW Zoom; MH 7 Hybrids.) there you can see how the colours align quite nicely. this is running EOS V2.7.2 Build 17.

the second 2 pictures (screenshots) are running the same file on EOS V2.9.0 Build 77

the colours have clearly changed also where the whits are located in the colour picker.

it would be great if they could be re aligned or at least have a function where the user can select this.

I do understand that there is the colour temperature of the fixtures taken into consioderation, however as for many it is just a reference (especially all the touring LD's I get through). we have the option in the gel picker to select between output colour and gel colour, why can't we have this here as well? the colours in the pallets are OW/Lee 106/Lee 119/Lee 158?Lee 139. so in theory the colour tabs should be all the same (exept the MH7 Hybrids as they have only a colour wheel). however they are clearly different.

Thank you for your help!

P.S. I did try to upload the showfile, however became only error messages.