EOS app for Samsung Note 10

I currently have an iphone X. I have the alien app installed but the screen is too small for me to comfortably use it. I'm looking at the Note 10 Max and am thinking it may be a better option. Does anyone have any experience using either app available for EOS remote on their Note 10? Android? Comparisons? Also, the biggest question I have will the Note 10 pen interact well with it? I don't know why it wouldn't, but I at least wanted to mention it.

Please feel free to comment if you feel I left out a better option.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys!


  • The official RFR app from ETC will be better suited for a phone display on either OS. I have a Note 9 and can confirm that the S pen works with both the OSC RFR and ETC aRFR. The OSC RFR is great on a tablet and very helpful if you want virtual encoders and to set up custom views, but now that the ETC RFR has most face panel buttons, faders, direct selects, ML controls, etc you may find that it covers what you need without needing a bigger device.