How can you compare two show files?

I usually take a copy of my showfile home and work on it during tech.  Tonight the LBO gave me my two USB's (I always do it twice for backup) and neither had the show file on it.  I think he read in the old file instead of saving the new one.  For whatever reason, it didn't make it to my USB.

I can work on the old version, but I have changes from the runthru tonight that won't be included and I don't know what they are since I fixed things in rehearsal.  Is there a way to compare the file I started with before rehearsal with the one after?  Both are in the board.  I didn't make that many changes tonight so I could enter them all again, but I can't do the compare by hand.  I would like to just see the differences.  I could dump the cues and write a program, but I don't have time to do that.  I just need to know what I fixed on the fly.