Making a cue list the master list on main fader

I am sure that this is a sophomoric question but working with cue list on the ion is new for me.

How do I say load cue list 2 to the main fader. So that I can run it with the go button?

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  • In Live, type [Cue] [2] [/] [Enter] [Load].  This will place the first cue in list 2 as the pending cue of the master playback fader.  The next Go press will take the first cue.

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    hi. i'm running nomad and have been trying to load cuelists into the master playback fader. What you say above doesn't work. Can you help?
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    that didn't work either.
    Cue 16/ Load - Error:Syntax error
    is the only way to get it:
    enter Cue 16/1 and click on Load in the GUI?
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    what console are you on? and what software version do you use?
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    sorry i meant to put this:
    ETC_EosFamily_v2. nomad puck
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    What load button are you using? Cue #/ Load should work as long as the cue list exists. Use the Load button on the popup virtual keyboard.
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    If you are trying to put this in a macro or something like that to drive it from a magic sheet, its a little more tricky.

    The macro is actually Fader_Load Master_User Cue 16 10000

    The problem is there is actually no way of typing in that 10000 bit as if you try it puts spaces in it, you have to record the macro and edit it to tidy it up. The sequence learn 1 enter Cue 16/1 Load (on the gui keyboard) Learn will record the macro successfully and load the cue list on the master fader/go button.

    I use this heavily to have a magic sheet with buttons for each song which loads the relevant cue list to the Go button.

    If you are not trying to do macros then most of the other suggestions on this thread work
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    I am trying to just use the keyboard instead of grabbing the mouse and clicking on the Load button on the popup virtual keyboard. Cue#/ Load returns the error posted above.
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    ahh, you're using F8 and then type the whole command letter by letter?
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    One reason that wouldn't work is you are not telling it where you want the cue list loaded, you can load it on any of the faders or on the master fader. I think even if you find the correct command to type its going to be a long command line to type out character by character.

    I think you do better to simply record a macro for each cue list and then in normal entry more just hit M 1 enter to load cue list 1 and M 2 enter for cue list 2 and so on.

    To record the macro from the keyboard alt-L 1 enter and then do the cue list load using the virtual keyboard and then alt-L that will record macro 1
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    I use control/alt L to Load
    Cue#/# ctrl/alt L enter
    what is the Load command supposed to do if not Load the cuelist onto the master?
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    The desk has more faders than just the master fader and each fader can be loaded with a next cue.

    The load command is

    Load Cuelist#/Cue#

    and that looks for the fader that the cueslist is on and loads the cue number onto that fader.

    So if cuelist 12 is on fader 11/2 which is how I happen to have my current show setup, then if I typed

    Load 12/5 it would load the next cue for fader 11/2 as number 5

    I could then type Load 14/8 and it would load in my setup fader 11/4 with cue 8

    What you are wanting to do is something different and actually change the cue list on the master fader, which you will probably have to record a macro for as described earlier
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