Express RFU distribution?

We just updates to a new Xe from our old Express which was the console the building was designed around.

By that, I mean we have a series of ports around the theatre linking to a dry-line that plugged into the RFU port on the console.

I can't track down any documentation, so I have no understanding of how this distribution is accomplished.


Would it be a static dry line?

Would it be distributed through an Opto like system?

(It's not like you'd use more than one RFU at a time, so I'm assuming it's a dry line. but 4 ports makes me question.)


Ultimately, the question is: can I re-purpose this wiring into maybe another DMX Universe or some such thing?



  • Just as a word of caution, double check the wiring! My system was originally a Colortran install where the RFU ports were supposed to be daisy chained. It was upgraded to an ETC RFU with some additional wire added to make up the difference in conductors used. It was not daisy chained. The wiring stars and daisy chains in weird ways. I have re-purposed some of the wiring for dry line DMX runs as you want to do, but to do it, I had to open up all the panels and trace a lot of wiring. It was worth it because of how the wiring was originally done, it has now allowed me to modify it to be more useful. In my case, the As Built drawings weren't accurate.
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