Better FX & Cue Parts

Hi All,

The ability to move what part of a cue an effect is in, for example if you are running an Atmos Fx it would be great to be able to contain that to the cue part for atmos.

Also a column like Int, Beam, Col ect, one for FX, so that if you are cross fading between in cue mods for an Fx you can see the times. Really useful if you have a cue where you are speeding up an Fx over say several minuets.

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  • Effect in parts is on the list but it's not a quick fix which is why it's not been added earlier.

    Effects starting and stoping will always the up time on part 1 just so everyone knows.

    Atmos effects I always give a 0 Entry and Exit time so I never need to worry about them.
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