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Would be nice if while holding Expand (or something) and hitting a Load Button on a fader wing the fader would toggle between x1 x2 x3, rather than going into FaderPageConfig.


I also think there should be a modifier to shortcut to Sub Filter Chann and Filter Parameters.

Maybe Filter and Params or Data (as modifiers)

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  • A shortcut could work for expanding to multiple faders but you still need to go into the config tab to set what the faders/buttons are going to do on those faders anyway.... Not sure the shortcut would get us enough because there are so many options now for what the elements do.
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    There is a planned shortcut to display the config for the current fade page but I can't remember what it is at the moment and don't think it's going to be added in the next release or so.

    On every console apart from Ion there is a Hard Filter key in the Playback keys section, this should be the short cut to add PB Filters, again at the moment this syntax hasn't been added which is a real shame as it would massively speed up adding and removing PB Filters.
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    I can set up all my effect subs (for instance) by SubSub 1 thru 100 (or whatever) and make them all Fader1 = Size Fader2 = Rate, but when I'm loading them to faders I'm just throwing them onto pages as they'd be useful for whatever the show I'm working on requires.
    Sub_1 (hit empty fader button) I'm not using fader config at all really other than x1 x2 x3.

    I just think it's a pain having to go tab36 and touch the screen when loading faders, just to set the odd 1 0r 2 to be spread across 2 faders, or to change fader back to x1 when it was previously set as an effects type (x2)
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