A few ideas


I'm actually designing a new showfile for me making it eaasier to change riggs from show to show. I try to just need to change the patch, groups and a few faders. And of course focus paletts.

I just want to update my main paletts. Six Intensity paletts with ints from 0% to 100% in 20% steps are updated automaticly through my update-assistant magic sheet where a button triggers a macro. It works. Intensity palett auto update is simple. A focus palett has to be updated manually. You know, you have to see where the light is pointing.

But what about color paletts? ML have step based colors. Like scrollers. FIRST IDEA: I wish there was a possibility to like "Query Contains Red Green Blue" so that it updated the RGB possible fixtures. The scroller likes must be updated manually anyway.

Then there are two fx. They only look good if they work together, triggered at the same time. I had to write a preset. But a preset has to be updated every time. The fx use the main paletts. So SECOND IDEA: Would it be possible to group fx? Like fx 701 is an fx triggering 701.1 and 701.2 at the same time? It means to me that it works easy after updating patch and without updating any presets.

THIRD IDEA: I wish I could choose fx to learn bpm together. For example I have two absolut fx and two relative. One of the relative should work with same cycle time all the time. The others should have the same cycle time. Equal - same bpm. Now I have to learn bpm of them each. But I wish I was able to select all to tap and change the bpm of them all at the same time.

I hope my ideas are described good enough and with an understandable language.