Feature Request: support syntax for sneaking a range of times

Feature Request: Can there please be a way to sneak a range of times like time does? For busking, the ability to "roll out" a focus palette, beam palette, color palette or preset over a fanned timing would be beneficial. For example:  "Chan 111 thru 131 sneak time 5 thru 8..." should be valid syntax (though it isn't currently).  

The current workaround i'm using is from David Kane to put Q1 on its own fader and 111 - 131 to have discreet timing values desired applied to them and are recorded using the "staggered" FP. Then I use a macro that copies the FP you want to use the "Staggered" FP. Now "Go" on Q1 will play back the correct FP in the desired fanned timing.