Live music lighting - master tempo learn

Hey ETC,

a few years ago I began to use the EOS (Element) in school for theatre activitys. Now I also use EOS Software for controlling lighting fixtures while DJing or while I support live bands at parties. But for me there was missing a kind of a BPM Master for effects, so that I can say that all effects running should use e.g. 150BPM and that the effect is preprogrammed to use this BPM. For example there are moving lights going from left to right and back in a sine wave. And there is an effect that modulates the intensity with a pulse wave. But the point is, that such a BPM Master would move the Light from left to right and back in one beat and lets the light turn on and turn off in one beat. Wouldn't look great. So it would be nice to define that the intensity effect turns on and off each beat and the period of going left to right is maybe 8 Beats - 1/8th of the default period.

Two days ago I tried to take first steps in GrandMA because I use 3D as an visualizer and I need MAonPC to translate the sACN sending from EOS to change the values in MA3D. I was then interested how MA works and noticed in a YouTube video, that there is an possibility of an speed master and that is the thing I thought of. In MA it is already existing. Exciting, isn't it?

I think it is too difficult to "tempo learn" every single running effect ;)


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