Feature Request: Merge without Labels

It would be great to merge show files without the incoming file overriding all of the labels for the things that I'm merging in, especially in patch.

I can't tell you how often I'll prepare a show file, then arrive on site to someone telling me they've already patched the show into a blank file.  I'm pretty meticulous about labels and fixture profiles, so in those moments I have to choose between relabeling or repatching everything.

It would save so much time to be able to merge in just addresses, or just color data, or whatever, and have the labels already in the file stay put.

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  • This would be great in other applications too. Submasters have a copy attributes only and a copy labels only, and I’d love it if the same existed for groups, for example, or to make it so that my toggle macros can have a clearly labeled trigger instead of getting the label of the most recent macro to overwrite it.

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