Sub Splitting of Display Quadrants and better sizing

So EOS has 12 ways of splitting the display into various quadrants and moving things around. It would be great to be able to split any quadrant again by the same 12 methods. This would make it possible for much more customisable display layouts.

To go with this, it would be great to then be able to break the sizing so each quadrant can be separate. For example, if I break it into four sections, moving the centre line on one side moves both, so If I want a tall bottom left and top right, I can't do it as the middle line between top and bottom is the same. This could be done in a way that the default behaviour is to keep them the same but if I move them while holding shift for example, they become separated.

  • +1 for the second half of this. As for the first part, I’ve wanted a left half of the screen and right thirds once or twice that isn’t a option for my displays, but I wouldn’t be as worried about it if I could resize the frames individually.