Everything on time - ...or beat

Hey there,

I have another idea I'd like to mention: I would like to have a way in the future to connect the EOS to systems that keep devices in the same beat. As an example I would like to mention "Ableton Link" and especially the "Pro DJ Link" Network from Pioneer. So it would be nice if timings of effects could run relative to these beats.

For example, a Color FX, a constant change of red and blue, is nicer if it runs in time to the music.

If, for example, a connection to the Pro DJ Link Network were possible, the DJ could play every tempo without the LD having to change every effect with every tempo change. It could all be so easy. There's just one interface missing in EOS, the data is in the network anyway. There is a project on the internet called beat link trigger, maybe this would be a way to connect to the system https://github.com/Deep-Symmetry/beat-link-trigger/releases or https://github.com/g-zi/CDJ_Clock in a way

The integration in EOS could work in such a way that every effect should run relative to the tempo is assigned to such a tempo with a factor (for example x4 or x0.5). So if the DJ plays a track with 120 BPM, the MH circle could last 4 beats = 2 seconds and the int solo half a beat = 250ms. If the DJ now plays 150BPM, EOS can automatically accelerate the circle so that this 4 beats = 1.6 seconds and the int solo lasts half a beat = 200ms.

If you have any questions about this idea, please contact me. I think it would be interesting to improve such a powerful software in parallel in the direction of live music and DJing.

Thank you!