Macro Mode to emulate running on a desk

So I have recently found myself writing macros to execute on "Master Only" as a way to run a macro that would take me into blind, without interrupting my displays on my console. In an ideal world I would be able to use Background Mode, however this often only can do some of the tasks I want. For example, a toggle made of two macros as such:

Macro 1

A placeholder, the macro I actually trigger

Macro 10

  1. Turn X On
  2. Open Macro Preview
  3. Delete Macro 1
  4. Copy Macro 11 to 1

Macro 11

  1. Turn X Off
  2. Open Macro Preview
  3. Delete Macro 1
  4. Copy Macro 10 to 1

When run in background mode, it does turn X on or Off, but then freezes and can't complete the rest. When set to "Master Only" or any Online User, it executes as expected and completes correctly.

So my idea is to have another target option or mode, that emulates the macro actually running as an active user, without actually doing anything to any displays. This way you can work around the instances where Background mode isn't quite enough.

  • You don't need steps 2 or 3 here. Just choose the "Macro" softkey in the editor instead of "Macro_Button" (Which will execute a macro rather than modify it) and then end with two enters (To confirm that you want to overwrite Macro 1). You can use this to move, delete, label, and change the color of macros in Background mode. I have several macros that work this way to toggle or cycle through different actions with a single placeholder, as you describe.