Copy and Paste Softkeys in Macro Editor

I often find myself wishing that there were copy and paste functions within the macro editor. I know that I can use CopyTo and MoveTo on entire macros, but if I want to write a bunch of macros that do similar things, then I'd rather copy the first part of the macro, then paste that into a new macro and add the new number at the end than copy the whole thing, page down a bunch, delete the old number, and then type the new number. Or if there are softkeys that are harder to get to, (Like User_ID instead of User, or mapped_to) then I could copy them and paste them wherever I want.

The workaround for now is to just...spend more time writing macros than I'd like, and to record those hard to find softkeys into single-key macros and execute them when I want that single key press, but that can be clunky and tedious, and doesn't work or save time in many applications.


  • Another possible way to get harder-to-access softkeys into a macro would be to enable command edit mode in the macro editor. After a wave of inspiration, I just tried to type f-a-d-e-r in the editor and found that all keyboard input is disabled until you exit command edit mode.