Wishlist for Good little End Users

A General Wishlist of ideas I've had over time:

  • ETC WiFi Access Point
    • Something you could setup from Concert, manage multiple ones onto the same network IDs, and PoE Powered of Course. Remotable Antennas for those times you install them in a DIN enclosure, or mount them to the Echo 4inch JBox Cover. I don't even really want a Switch on it. It could be the same form factor as the Echo Interfaces.
  • Mosaic App
    • Echo and Paradigm Have them, wish I had one for Mosaic. Either as another interface, or a separate device in the ecosystem all together.
  • A Network Button or Fader station
    • With Mosaic, Paradigm, and Eos Consoles, a device that fits in a 4 inch J Box with either Faders, Knobs or Buttons that could be programmed with it's own Commands to send out on the Network would be amazing. The device could be setup through Concert PoE, and the Buttons and Faders could send different commands, like the Fader sending an sACN Universe and Address Value, or Buttons that send UDP commands, that all 3 Controller lines could react to.
  • Concert Remote App
    • Something Similar to the aRFR app, that would let us connect to a Computer running Concert, and make adjustments remotely. We can confirm settings and Universe Ports. Which branches off too:
  • Augment3d Concert
    • Using the similar Type of Augment3d files, Concert could utilize these as well, to assign RDM values to the devices as we look at the fixtures. With this app, you could merge in the Sensor TPSR app, as well as have the new Gateways display a code that the app could read to see all of the settings for the device.

And the Big One:

  • ETC Cloud Conductor
    • A Project PC type Device, that lives in a Rack, serves as an expansion of Conductor. Conductor still manages the day to day File Backups, alert messaging etc, but this PC would serve as a remote terminal to configure the entire system. The Cloud Conductor would run Concert on it, but could also run all of the other commissioning tools we use, Mosaic Designer, Eos Client Cue System, etc. By connecting this to the Internet, we could connect to the Cloud Conductor remotely, to help troubleshoot, or post  updates away from the venue.