Windows 7 upgrade for older consoles?

Not sure if this is the correct forum, but is ETC planning on delaying the end of 2020 deadline for upgrading WinXP consoles?

 I just wasn't sure, and trying to make plans, but lack of income makes it even harder. 

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  • Just to let you know, we are extending this program through March 31, 2021.   This will be subject to parts availability though.   We had to do a life-time buy on a number of obsolete parts, so when we are out, we are out.  (Sorry, that sounded a bit harsh didn't it?  Not sure how else to say it).     Hope this helps.


  • Doesn’t sound harsh at all.  Etc spoils us with making long lasting consoles, if it wasn’t for the potential for the 3.0 software it wouldn’t be as enticing to upgrade.

    So thank you, I’ll pass this info on.  

    I kinda want to cheat and ask a second question, will the Mac version of 3.0 be out during this quarantine, it would be awesome to learn it now?  

    Again, thank you and stay safe.  

  • Beta Mac builds for 3.0 are available on the open beta forum.  You can sign up for that via links on the Eos forum.   Have fun!    You are most welcome, and take care!