Combination of TPSR App and aRFR/iRFR app via QR Codes


I´m getting new Sensor3 racks in my theatre. So i updatet the outlet labels with new Stickers for Channelnumber, DMX-adress and so on for the TPSR app. I also added QR-Codes on the stickers, which work with the TPSR app. The stickers are generated via Word/Excel with QR-Codes.

My wish is a to integrate the TPSR functionality into the aRFR app and also use the Qr-Codes to select Channels/Adresses in the app.

For exemple: I scan the QR Code on the sticker and the app selects the coded channel in ML-Control or selects an TPSR tab to configure the DimmerOutlet. All my devices and outlets are marked with a sticker with QR-Code and clear text information like DMX/ sACN adress, Mode, Position etc. The code can even be used to identity the device for maintanance purposes like PAT etc.

I even QR-Coded the network devices with their IP-Adresses etc.

It´s easy and fast for a technican to scan the code and either get information and/or control of the device.

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