Architectural Integration Patch with EOS

It's a little strange to me how the Architectural controllers don't have much Synergy with Eos. It feels like a missed opportunity for company synergy to sell an entire control system that can very easily integrate the always online architectural controllers with the Entertainment Eos Console.

To remedy this, I propose: Architectural Integration Patch

The idea works like this:

Let's say Paradigm Processors, Mosaic Controllers, and maybe even Echo Expansion Bridges can have a file created and stored on the controller, that an Eos Console can then download in patch, and have access to parameters that the system commission team sets up.

Similar to the way the Sensor Dimmers are shown, not reliant on RDM. Perhaps another Softkey can open "Architectural Integration" Devices, and a list of these files would appear.

The files themselves would be virtual DMX Devices that can be patched to a Channel. The parameters this virtual channel has is determined by the file stored on the ARCH Processor.

This way, only parts of the system you want the Eos Desk to manipulate can be accessed, and other zones you don't want affected will be left alone. The Main channel would provide a place to access controls of the ARCH processor, such as recalling presets of different rooms, having a Xfade Fader to enable control from the Processor or the Eos, Run Macros like locking out Button Stations or other occupancy readings, disable other building automation inputs, etc.

This file could also store fixture patches allowing the Eos to control the fixtures that are patched to the processor.

There could be multiples of these files for different areas of the venue, or even different levels of access. Maybe a basic level has recall of color presets and overall intensity master, while and advanced level provides DMX Patching of each fixture in the processor.