Effect stop in position

I'm programming a show and i have a circle effect on my moving heads, it like a stop & go scene. 
i want to stop the effect and hold the actual position. 
When i do 'effect 0' it moves back to the position in the cue.

how to stop at a random position during the move?

  • Assuming this is an Eos family console - a cue that sets the effect's rate to 0 (and then back to 100 in the next cue if you want) might be the easiest. Timing to and out of the pause is controlled by the cues.

    Setting the effect's Exit to "Stop and Hold" might also be what you're looking for - but that will always be the way that effect stops.

  • thilda wrote:

    There is also an option"resum on go".

    i never used it... but maybe you can figure something out.

    SORRY, it is 'repeat on go' and not helpfull. My bad.

    Or use the freeze function.

    But please keept in mind, it is: [freeze] [enter]

    And to unfreeze also: [freeze] [enter]

    But quite handy. And freeze will not hold if you press Go.