Feature request - swap command.

Hi, I have a feature request for the Eos console:  I'm surprised that ETC hasn't come up with a swap hard button on the face panel, soft command on the softkeys section for swapping separate Channels, Submasters, Groups, Channels in the patch, Presets/Palettes and Macros. I think that would be VERY useful.  Many times I've wanted to change a group, a palette, macro or a submaster with another by using the copy/move command.   The problem is right now I have to locate a unused macro, submaster, palette or what ever I want to change, then move it into that unused area, then move the other channel or whatever into the open channel, then move the unused channel or whatever into the prevoius channel.

let's say I wanted to move/swap channels, Macros or color palettes 525 and 675 and lets say I have 1000 channels in the show. and 900 are patched

i have to find a channel open lets say 902 I them move channel 525 into 902

525 is now open

I move 675 into 525

I would like it to be a generic swap from 525 to 675 without having to go through 902.

                                                                         675     525

Thank you.

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