IPCB fader position not matching playback percentage

In Hog4PC, I'm trying to use an IPCB fader to control the tilt position of some moving heads. When I set everything up to go, with the max position set in a cuelist, the cue playback percentage is double that of the fader position when I move the fader up and down. When I reach 50% up on the fader, the cue hits 100% in green. If I start pulling down on the fader before sending it all the way to the top, the cue playback starts jumping around in values. When I switch any of my other fixtures intensity control from I-fader to IPCB the same also happens.

When I do this at the venue on our console, I don't run into any of the same issues. I've played with every parameter I can think of but nothing seems to work for me. Also when I take a backup that works at the venue and load it at home, it'll work at first then after a log out it returns to being wonky. What am I missing?
  • Just a couple questions to help lead suggestions on things to try/further questioning - [A] what version of Hog 4 PC are you using? [B] are you using the on screen face panel or an external wing (Hoglet, Playback Wing, etc.) with your Hog 4 PC when this occurs?
  • I'm using Version: v3.17.1 (b3363). I'm using the on screen face panel. It's having the same issue with the manual crossfade as well.
    I installed on a different computer and loaded my show file there. The IPCB faders and manual crossfade work as expected there as well. Did a backup on the new computer and loaded it on my computer just to have it do the same thing.
  • Based on the fact that you are only having the issue on one particular PC, I would recommend uninstalling Hog 4 PC from that computer, then reinstalling the software. If the uninstall/reinstall doesn't work, is there anything special on the improperly working computer compared to the other one where the IPCB and Manual Crossfade faders were working? (for example, external keyboard, external mouse, etc.)