Storing Views Independently on Road Hog and Nano Hog working as Tracking Desks

I store my palette views as multiple pages, accessed by storing different scroll positions within each window, as different views. This works fine on one desk but I am now using a Road Hog and a Nano Hog tracking each other. The views seem to be stored commonly on both consoles rather than independently, with the result that the views recalled on the Nano Hog are not in the correct scroll position because of the different screen sizes, resolution and layout etc. Is there a way to stiore the views independently on each desk? Alternatively there would need to be a way to store a particukar palette number at the top of the window rather than the scroll position. That would need to be a feature request presumeably. Or is there a way around this issue?

Thank you in advance.

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  • I would record a blank scene, give it a macro like RV1h1 (recall view 1 on Hog 1) put that scene on a command key. Now when you press the command key view 1 will recall on whatever console is net num 1. So instead of a view on your command key put a scene with a comment macro. You'll just have to make different views per platform (Road Hog and Nano) so that the comment macros can recall them. Only if you have different net numbers.