• Incrementing Parameters in smaller than 1% values

    With the advent of LED lighting and better cameras on set I often find myself living in a world where intensities are at super low levels between 1 and 10%. Often I'm using the Pig+Encoder wheel to finely adjust intensity values between whole percentage...
  • Blind status indicator on Hog PC

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally been in blind on my Hog PC rig. It would be super great if there was a viable indicator next to the command line. I often keep my front panel hidden because I don’t have the screen real estate.
  • Global LTC Timecode Source

    On our setup we have two onstage DP's, Main & Backup, both have an LTC widget attached via USB and both fed with LTC from playback. All our cue lists are set to look at the LTC widget attached to the main DP, if we loose the main LTC feed and need to...
  • Local Views rather than Show Wide Views

    I have an issue with storing and recalling views: I store my palette views as multiple pages, accessed by storing different scroll positions within each window, as different views. I then recall them by assigning views to the command keys. I have done...
  • Flash to Zero / Flash to Full

    This is a feature that the Strand Galaxy had, still the best generic lighting desk ever made, and it's is an esential tool in TV lighting. In TV lighting, and theatre lighting too, you want to see what a particular lamp is contributing to the scene, to...
  • Hog 4 Nano PC to look like Road Hog 4

    I have a Road Hog 4.21 and a Nano Hog 4 PC which I use together as a pair; the Road Hog sits in the lighting gallery to run the show and act as the server and processor and the Hog Nano sits on the studio floor for programming, and then comes into the...
  • Output Window Filtering and font Size adjustments

    It would be really beneficial if there were different options to filter what we were viewing in the output window. Like Live, Per Source, and parked. I work in film and Television, and being able to filter what actually has values would be helpful when...
  • Live Key - option to use as Touch

    As a former Hog 2 specialist working in TV for the BBC, the 'Active' button was probably one of my most pressed buttons. I really missed it on Hog 3 and never really adapted to 'Touch' being one of the little toolbar buttons below the screen. It really...