Bug Report v4.1 (b3728) Global Position not working on Selection of 13

Running a High 4 desk with one DP8K.

Found this bug on my show so I started a new show and it's still there.

Patched 20 movers of your choice.

Using one fixture, create a Home Position palette of Pan and Tilt at 0° as a Global palette.

Select all fixtures and randomly move their position off of home.

Record in a cue and play.

Clear programmer.

Select all the fixtures and hit Home palette...works as it should.

Select fixtures 1 thru 10 and hit Home....works as it should.

Select fixtures 1 thru 13 and hit Home...only one fixture does it.

Any other selection, 1-15, 2-13, 1-7, 1-18, and so on, works fine but 1 thru 13 does not and will not in any mover I try it on.

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