"Movie Mode" lots of ideas.

"Movie mode"  this could be a toggle state in shell.

The ability to load multiple cues from same list to multiple faders. Running out of subs...

Cues can be saved as 101.25.1. Ep 101 scene 25 take 1.

 Blind is blind. Does not affect live. So I can pre visualize the effect before blasting the set with a strobe flicker or chase. We have to do all programming live almost nothing is planned or able to be tested in advance. 

Ability to change universe output without shutting down show. We move so fast it is a 14hr scramble almost every day. Also an "RDM toggle" for live on the fly fixture adjustments.

  Allow the back of console as an input, so we can use for show control... 

Also presets should allow effects. It is a preset not an intensity pallette. Cue 45 copy to preset 45 ok sure but no effect? Again can't really do it live. They don't want the set to change unless it's meant to on camera. 

Have a bunch more options that would make movie mode more fluid for our fast paced world. 

Really looking for a console made for film, they all seem to be adapted from something else. If someone else is already working on this I want to help. I feel like I'm using a hammer to put screws in wood.