Acclaim 100 series

I just came across an Acclaim 124 while doing a site survey.  Can anyone tell me the approximate age of the Acclaim series and whether it would be wise for me to spec a new control console for the client?


  • Does it function and meet the client's needs and expectations?  If so, no reason to change it.  One of my cutsheets says 1997, and a User Manual v2.03 is dated 1999.
  • As Derek wrote, if the console meets the user's needs it may not need to be replaced immediately. ETC will continue to service the board just like any of our other consoles and does have loaner consoles available. 

    As for the history of the Acclaim console, it actually was originally an LMI board released in 1989. Check the facepanel for the LMI logo..When ETC bought LMI, there was a period of time (1990 - 1992) that the facepanel would have had an ETC/LMI logo. Ultimately the newer boards would just have the ETC logo on them.  Another age indicator would of course be the serial number. Earlier boards would be ACLM--###- and later boards (after 1996) would be a combination of 12 numbers (100-xxxxxx-xxx).  We only discontinued the product in 2004, with the advent of the SmartFade series of consoles.

    Hope that helps to adequately appraise the Acclaim.