Can a Microvision accept a show file from an Expression 1?

My company is running a show on an old Expression 1 that has been seeing some hardware issues of late. I am looking to rent a backup console in case the Expression does finally fail. I know Microvisions are still available at some rental shops, but can the Microvision accept the show disk from the Expression? If not, are there any other consoles out there that I could look into renting? Thanks! Ethan
  • "Can the Microvision accept the show disk from the Expression?" The show disk: no.  The show file: yes, if converted from Expression I format to MicroVision format using ETCedit.  You may need a pre-XP machine to do this--I haven't used ETCedit in about fifteen years, and it's a DOS-only program.

     Follow this link for the Manual:

    And this for the program:


    Sidenote, I would ask a different question: "Can an Expression I file be converted to an Expression 2x or 3 or Express?" as I suspect you'll find many more of those consoles available.  (And I'm curious myself to know the answer to that one.) 

  • Thanks! ETC Tech Support walked me through a process to update the file to an Expression 2x. It involves using a special Beta utility that allows the Expression 2x to read the Low-Density floppy from the Expression1, then copies that file to a High-Density floppy so it can be loaded onto the Expression 2x. Thanks!