Importing a file on a Microvision

I was wondering if it is possible to build a show on a newer ETC board and then import it onto a MicroVision board (the show I'm designer for has only a few hours in the space and has to be run from a MicroVision but I only have access to an Express board).

  • No is the short answer.  Not easily is the longer.

    The Microvison is pretty old and in it's prime, could interface with the off-line editing program called ETC Edit.  If you had a PC that could run MS DOS, you could install and use ETC Edit to import a .txt show file from another DOS program that I believe was called Trackmaster.  Trackmaster in turn could read the USITT ASCII file from Expression Off-Line, which read the disk off the Express, or any ASCII cue file.

    It was a complicated process and took some times to get all the steps running correctly.  I did the transfers occasionally, but this was 13 years ago and don't now own a PC that runs DOS.  Nor can I find my Trackmaster disk. 

    Hope that helps.

    Eric Cornwell at WestSide Systems does this for a fee, maybe if you plead poor he could knock the fee down or run it for free. 

    Or maybe somebody at ETC still has all these old DOS programs on a machine somewhere.

    Steve B.