Keypad Buttons

We installed a ELEMENT 2 in the main theatre and are moving the elderly Expression III to the smaller  "Pavilion" theatre. However, a number of the EXPIII keypad buttons are badly beaten up, exacerbated by several attempts to attach plastic label printouts. Does anyone know if these are standard PC keys or where we meet be able to find some new ones that would fit? While we have every faith in the ELE2 (magnificent machine!) it always nice to know you have a somewhat similar backup working nearby. 

  • Hello,

    The keys on the Expression series consoles are not standard PC keyboard keys.  Some have LEDs and others don't, for instance.  The ETC factory and Authorized Service Centers can all clean / replace those keys.  We also sell blank keycaps (they pop off with a butterknife) that you could try engraving, and/or we sell a complete label sheet set that you can stick labels from.  

    The label set is ETC Part# 4131A4002 EXPN3/INST3 KEY CAP LABEL SET 

    The blank buttons have different part#s depending on whether they have no LED, 1 LED, 1-LED Sub, or 2-LED Sub.

    If you need to find an ETC dealer in your area (world-wide), you can follow this link: 

    Thanks, -MattP.

  • Thanks Matt. We're going to haul the old girl out of storage later this week and will make an inventory of what is required. We'll work with Devin (Full Compass) who we got the ELE2 from.Thanks again.