Encoder Wheels

Is there any way to assign a DMX address to one of the four encoder wheels we have (on the far right of the console) other than through a fixture "Personality" file?

One the same line; we use the "Y" wheel to bring up channels (good for Tilt and Pan in succession) but can we somehow use the "Y" and "X" wheels at the same time? We only have a single moving head so don't need anything too fancy.

  • You cannot assign an address to the encoder wheels at the top right of the console without them being defined as a part of a fixture personality.

    You can use the X/Y wheels at the same time if you have either defined the selected channel to Pan/Tilt in a personality or you have linked the two channels in the Link List (instead of defining a personality). You can assign channel links in the link list by pressing [Setup] then choosing Channel Attributes (likely option 11) and then pressing the soft key {S7} for Link List.

    In the Link List choose to insert a new link and then define the channels that you want to use for X and Y. When you return to Stage, if you select either of those channels, the X and Y wheels will control their respective channels. (Unlike a personality, you'll need to select specifically the X or Y channel for the wheels to be active for linked channels rather than selecting the fixture number.)

  • Thank you. Having to relearn EXP3 as we brought it out of retirement for small stage use.will add your comments to my bench notes. I would love to play personalities but he'd two USB/3" drives belly up.