3.5" to USB?

Has anyone ever attempted to replace the EXP3's 3.5" drive with a USB slot. Autoparks are advertising a 3.5" 1.44MB Upgrade Floppy Drive to USB Flash Drive Emulator (circa $20)

With our elderly EXP3 back in use - this would make life a lot easier. I use the EXP3 simulation software ate home and want to experiment with Personalities and it would be great to record a show at home like I do with our ELE2.

  • Just to close this out. We successfully installed a very inexpensive 3.5" to USB box.. The Box is the same dimensions (right down to the anchoring holes and screws) and accepts the same power and data cables making the operation very easy. The board powered up in the usual time. We were  able to format a USB stick and save and read show files with no problems.

    Although it was a larger capacity USB drive the console formatted (as one would expect) to 1.44Mb, but it was readable on a Window 10 desktop. In case any ones interested the saved show file is named "EXP2.SHW" (a binary). 

    Next job is to make some personality profiles at home and take them in, to try out. 

  • I’d be interested to hear the name of the device you used and where you got it from,

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  • Well the full title reads; "Floppy & Tape Drives-3.5” 1.44MB Sfr1m44-u100k Updated Version USB Flash Disk Floppy Drive Emulator + CD Screws Black" its supplied by Cusco and has a "Yohoo" label on top.

    The front has the USB slot, a LED readout panel and some buttons on the front. But as they're hard to see under the consoles overhang I didn't touch anything other then attach the cables and screw the unit in. That was the toughest part; Holding the console up (with an open lid) while screwing the box down.

    Oh yes, nearly forgot; cost me $33 on Amazon. Used it a lot over the past few days. Works a charm.