Personality - File Names

I'm about to dive in and create some personalities to use those Encoder wheels on the right of the console. But although I have a lot of PRS files for the editor, the filenames are a bit cryptic. Is there a list with filenames (verified) against mfg and fixture type.

Primarily I'm interested in getting some inexpensive U'King Moving Heads going. There is a DMX sheet for it but I can't find out how to download it here for some one to look at. Bottom line I want to use it in 10 channel mode with 1 & 2 as (16bit) pan, 3 & 4 as tilt. 5 is 0-255 P&T speed, 6 is 0-255 master dimmer and 7 strobe. 8 is broken down into 0-9 white 10-19 Color 1 and so on to 255. We're not interested in CHs 9 and 10. 

If you know of anything similar, could let me have its file name so I could modify it perhaps. That would be appreciated. How these P&T are connected to Encoder wheels is of particular importance to me.