Personality - Sub Ranges

Further to my interest in creating some home made personalities at home I noticed on opening the editor that, whilst channels could be assigned to Pan, Tilt and colors etc I couldn't see how/where one would accommodate one of those channels (DMX address) that is divided (not sure of the correct term here) into sub ranges. e.g. the device's channel 8 might be divided as data range 0-9 for Red, 10-19 for Green, 20-29 for blue and so on.

On a completely different console I was able to 'bring these out' so that each sub range could be put on a wheel. So for example the Colors above could be assigned to their own faders or wheels. Perhaps the basic concept in the EXP3 is quite different and this sort of thing takes place in the patch process. Ideas welcome. 

  • Hi ,

    Expression doesn't have a concept of ranges within a single parameter. In fact, despite the option to show the parameter in different formats in the personality editor, it was never implemented in the console so you'll always see each channel as a percentage.

    You'll want to create your own cheat sheet to know what percentages correspond to which range as the console doesn't have a function to provide a reference for you.

  • Oh right, that's unfortunate but understandable seeing how old this Console is. At least now I know. Thanks