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We recently installed a 3.5" to USB converter and it works a dream. When we save/load show at home the Window's File manager pops up and we can save/load the files anywhere including a USB drive. 

However, Trying to load a personality from disk with {S1} in "Personality Setup" does NOT open the Windows File Manager so we can't find/load a new personality.  We tried to fool the EXP3 simulator by assigning the drive letter "A" to the USB drive but that failed.

Hoping to transfer a personality to somewhere on the HDD and loading from there is proving difficult. Under C:\ETC\Eol\Eol311 we can find folders with verified and unverified fixture profiles but suspect these are meant to be transferred to 2.3" diskettes to be actually loaded. Is there a place a show saves already loaded personalities where we could sneak our new personality?  

Clearly we are working out of the area supported by ETC and are thankful we can save/load shows at home and work via USB but wondered if anyone else with a USB drive on the console had run into this and were manipulating Personality files on a computer away from the console?

  • While not a direct solution, in the past when people had these issues, we would advise them to use the offline editor ion their computer and the offline personality editor. Load the personality into the show on your computer and then load the show onto your console. 

    The trick with making this work is to remember to place the shows and the personalities into the Shows directory on your computer. It is located (If memory serves) in C/program files/ETC/EOL/Shows. 

    Try that.

    For loading onto the console, make sure everything is located at the root level on your external device. The OS in the console is not DOS and has no understanding of directory structure. 

    good luck!

  • I think your boss might ask you to write support article in the new KMS...….

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