Personalities and Encoders

OK - now diving into Personalities files and setting them up on the console. Not nearly as bad as I thought. But here's a question.

Our board has five encoder wheels on the right next to six page buttons. We also have the two vertical wheels. To me this makes 5 + 2 control points. However, the "Encoder Setup" window shows the five wheels as expected plus a 'X', a 'Y', a 'Tx' (Pan) and 'TY' (Tilt). If I assume the TX and TY are the vertical wheels that I can rotate to pan and tilt the MH where do the X an Y fit in?  In my Encoder Setup display they are set to Yellow and Gobo in page 6.

  • You can edit this however you want in the moving light encoder setup options

    [setup] [moving light functions] [encoder setup]

    They will initially display a default, typically what I do is use the Smart key to autoload encoders which will only populate the encoders with attributes my patched fixtures need. You can move them wherever you want with one rule

    You can not have the same attribute on two different encoders on the same page. 

    Typically pan and tilt get assigned to the two wheels which are encoders 6 and 7. We combine pan and pan fine and tile and tilt fine ( is you are in 16 bit operation) so that you only need one wheel to move the fixture.

  • Right, makes sense. But I may be putting my question wrong. If I look in my Encoder Setup I see things like INTENS against Encoder 1 in page 1. I assume then tweaking the top little wheel, will effect the fixtures intensity. And as they have Pan and Tilt next to them I also assume TX and TY associate with the big (vertical) 'rollers. In which case what hardware do I actually tweak to effect list item 6, X Yellow and 7, Y Gobo? Does that make sense? If I was in the theatre I could hunt and peck to find this stuff but my EXP3 simulator at home doesn't have the encoder wheels and page buttons. (Still a great program).

  • Sorry, Robert. Yes. You are correct. the encoders refer to the knobs on the console. 

    As for simulating this in the offline software, While you can choose from several console types in the program, you do not get the encoder wheels in any of the simulations. Just the X and Y wheels.