Dusting off the old Obsession II

Greetings all,  dusting off an old Obsession II while our main console is in for repair.  No major issues, and storage seems to have treated the old girl fairly well.  Great walk down memory lane as that is the console I used through most of my college time at our local house. 

A few questions though.  Does ETC still produce spare parts for the Obsession era?

Things I'm needing:

Fader caps, both submaster and faders/grand

Entire blackout button assembly: button face and switch.  It looks like something in storage was dropped and smashed the entire blackout button back into the faceplate.  Incredibly nothing else on the faceplate appears to be damaged at all.

Is the old PocketPC WRFU software available online? I couldn't find it on the obsession or emphasis pages.

Additionally, a quick question.  6-10 submaster bump buttons are not working.  They do not make the definitive "click" sound nor are they registering a key press on the faceplate diagnostics.  The inoperative ones are randomly through out the console and don't appear to be related (Like the PCB is just loose or pushed away)  Any ideas from an Obsession expert what this could be?  Haven't had a chance to open up the faceplate yet and take a look. 

Thanks for any help!

  • Paul, we do indeed still have repair parts available for Obsession consoles! Please give us a call in Tech Support and we can provide part numbers for you.

    For the Pocket PC software, you may be out of luck. The Pocket PC Image likely exists in depths of the ETC Archives buried deep in an undisclosed mountain fortress, but we'll have to put together an excavation team to locate it.  

    For the submasters, there could be a loose ribbon cable running off of that submaster pcb (It's the only cable attached to it). Try reseating both ends of that ribbon cable as your first step when you have a chance to open up the board. If that's not the issue, you can remove that pcb and check to see if there is any physical warping or damage to the pcb. 

    You always have the option to call your favorite ETC dealer and set up an RMA for the facepanel and the fine folks at ETC Repairs will be happy to give it the full spa treatment.