Effects in cues

In the Element 2 we can create an effect to s sub-master and later run the effect and save in a cue.

Using the Expression 3 I can create the effect into the sub. But playing it back and recording a new cue doesn't work!

Do I have to always create the effect to a cue then?

  • Hello,

    As I recall, there's not a way to, say, copy an effect from a Sub into a Cue.  You can "copy" a cue to another cue in Blind.  And you can copy a cue (even an Effect Cue) into a Sub using "Load Sub".

    If you have an effect already built on a Sub, you can have a Cue execute a Macro that Bumps that Sub on, and it stays on until you bump it off manually, or with another Macro, or by using the Sub handle to manually take control and fade it out.  There's no way to have the effect fade out except by manually controlling it though.

    The other nice thing about this method is you can have an Effect run through several cues.  You *could* also do that by playing an Effect cue or Subroutine on the other Playback pair but that's... complicated.

    To have Cue 3 execute Macro 4 that bumps on Sub 5:

    - Cue 3 [Link] [ENTER MACRO] 4

    - Setup > Macro Editing > {Select Macro} 1 [Enter] > {More Softkeys} > {On-Sub-Bump} 5 > {Enter Macro}

    - Make your Effect Sub 5 and test it.

    Hope that helps,

    -Matt Pumplin

  • Thank you Matt. I'll go for the Effect in cue to start with and then work on the Macro stuff. I have never used a macro on the Expression 3or Element 2 so it is about time I payed some attention to this useful feature.

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