"stage manager's panel" for the Express 48/96 - documentation?

I am sure this information must be here somewhere and I'm just looking for it by the wrong name - I've attached a picture of the thing I know as the "stage manager's panel" and I would like very much to know how it and its brethren (one in the booth, one in the orchestra pit, one on the other side of backstage) interact with each other and especially with the Express 48/96. Surely there is an explanation here somewhere?  I'm hoping that information will help me not have the work lights on during the show again this year (argh!!) 

The thing in question is at the bottom left (the existing documentation is in the top half of the picture).  I would also be interested, although less urgently, in learning about the remote focus unit at the  bottom right.

Thanks, I hope!!

  • Hello,

    The panel in your picture is probably part of an ETC Unison Architectural Control system.  Something like these: https://www.etcconnect.com/Products/Architectural-Systems/Paradigm/Control-Stations/Unison-Fader-Stations/Features.aspx

    The shortest path to help is to give us a call at (800) 688 - 4116 and ask for Technical Service.  Based on your location and the name of the facility, we may have drawings or other information about how your system was set up, and perhaps get you in touch with local ETC Authorized Service Providers who could service the system and/or give you training on it (and the Express as well).

  • The thing at lower left is a Unison fader control panel. Unison is an older ETC architectural product. https://support.etcconnect.com/ETC/Architectural/Legacy_Unison

    Somewhere there will be a Unison processor that controls dimmers via the Ethernet network or DMX.

    Unfortunately, the Unison processor can be configured in many different ways - your best bet is to find the ETC job number somewhere in the documentation (also look for a label on the dimmer racks) and call ETC tech support and they can give you information on how the system was originally programmed. It is possible that the Unison was re-programmed after installation by the theatre staff, but that's unlikely unless they have a copy of the configuration software and experience using it.

    The remote focus connector is where you would plug in a hard-wired remote. https://support.etcconnect.com/ETC/Consoles/Express%2C_Expression%2C_and_Insight/Remotes

    The other end of the wire run is likely at a corresponding connector in the light booth (or wherever the light board is), possibly connected to the console with a 6-pin cable. Ask around and hopefully the remote is sitting in a drawer somewhere...