Express 24/48 channel fader problem

My company owns a 24/48 that is giving me a very odd issue.

Channel 1 does not show any level change when I move fader 1. The channel 8 fader changes level for both channel 8 AND channel 1.

The bump buttons work with the correct channels like they should and the patch is set 1 to 1. 

Any ideas how to fix this? Is it a setting issue or a software issue?

  • This most likely is a hardware issue with a bad fader.  You should contact your local ETC dealer to setup a repair for it.  If you are good with soldering and don't mind tackling it on your own, you can order the replacement faders from an ETC dealer or from ETC's online parts shop.  Fader 1 is the bad one, and Fader 8 is most likely controlling channel 1 due to resistance issues with fader 1 being bad.  usually this happens with. the fader right next to the bad one, but there could be a build up of dust inside making some connectivity between both faders.  it happens.