Need helpw ithe ETC Express 250 concole


Here's hoping someone could help here. I am working on an ETC Express 250 Channel Lighting console.  I am not running very many lights (only 6) on this and everything was working fine. But I was getting ready to do a new show. I deleted the show and cues but I did not choose the delete show and patch in the functions, just the show.

Before this I was able to solo the channels, adjust faders and mark cues. But after deleting the show and cues I lost the lights on the active channels and there is no output on the stage when raising the channel faders. Everything else checks out, Would anyone know what may be the problem or why the channels do not appear active and no output when raising the faders? I checked the AB CD Fader pairs and of course making sure I was not in Blackout..not sure what is wrong though. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I think that is it..will be in on Thursday to check it out. No biggie if the subs are deleted I can re record them but I was under the assumption that deleting the show would still maintain the subs since there is a separate function to delete the show and patch. I will post and let you know how it goes. And no, I cant command any lights up.

  • If you CAN NOT command a light ([live][1][thru][48][@][FULL][ENTER]) then it might be your patch...or DMX outputs.  Are you plugged into the correct DMX port?  If you only need one universe might as well make both ports 1-512 so that doesnt matter

  • Thanks Brucek, It appeared to be simply deleting the show cause me to have to reassign the dimmers. No problem since they were already patched. Its funny that the systems settings has a place for you to delete the show but the you have to reassign the dimmers to the channels..oh well live and learn