Need new CPU board

Our EXP3 suddenly  failed to retain programming data (sub, cues etc.) when the console was switched off. I replaced the supercaps a month ago and things worked fine until we had to disconnect and wrap up the board to avoid hurricane damage. Unfortunately after reconnecting two weeks later the SRAM problem reappeared! Today the supercaps were again replaced with a pair of new ones but this did not fix the problem.

From on-line reading it looks like the SRAM voltage controller circuity is faulty. ETC advice we would have to send the whole console in to have access to the few spare CPUs they have. The shipping costs for something this heavy are horrendous.

So my question; If/Are there any EXP3 board out there somewhere? And if ETC had one, approx.. how much would it cost?. We're a volunteer, none profit community theater and getting our EXP3 up and running is important.

Thanks for any help here

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  • I'm trying like heck to buy the gearsource one but despite them sending me an email validation whever I try to purchase I get a "Email not validated" message. As to the $5000 one I'd sooner try to find and extra 3K or so for a new Element 2. But thanks for your help. I'm hoping some one might have a CPU or I can get that grearsrouce unit.  

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