Lights stuck on one cue??

I programmed all of my lights for a show on an ETC express board and they were all working fine until today. I always set the first cue (cue 0.5) as all of the lights on 10 so I can warm them up. For some reason now cue 0.5 is staying on throughout all of the cues and the others cues are basically happening on top of cue 0.5. So no matter what cue I'm on, even if it is a blackout, all of the lights are on at least 10. I've already tried a bunch of stuff, but if anyone has suggestions please help!

  • Is cue 0.5 active on one of the playback faders and are the other cues running on the other fader pair? Try pressing [Clear] for both playback fader pairs and see if all channels go out.