Dual DVI Y Adaptor for Emphasis Server - ETC Part M7186-F?

Hello Folks!

Long shot that anyone will even see this, but I am in need of the DVI Y Adaptor so that I can connect monitors to an old 3D Emphasis Server. ETC tech support gave me a part number, but she was not 100% sure that was the part I needed. Can anyone confirm that what I need is ETC Part Number M7186-F? 


  • Hi Charles,

    It is very likely going to depend on which era of Emphasis server you have and I see from the notes of your call that you were unable to provide the support technician the serial number of your server to confirm the hardware history. The ETC part number M7186-F has a DMS-59 connector that connects to the video card and 2 DVI-I connectors for the monitors. Unfortunately there were different video cards used in those servers over the years so you may need to check which connector your server has. If your previous adapter failed but was a VGA adapter, you would need to use the VGA version which is ETC Part Number M863.



  • I have the server serial number. I wasn't asked for it. S/N 100-501633-001 My adaptor didn't fail, it was lost when we stopped using the Emphasis system in 2009 and packed it up. I am trying to recover the .wyg model from it. I figured out a work around, I pulled the DVI video card, and that allowed me to boot into the system using a VGA monitor. I found the files I need. 

    Now I just want to get the proper adaptor so that if anyone is interested in the old system, it at least has all of its parts.


  • I see. Thank you for the serial number. According to our notes, that serial number was a 2D unit originally and I am unable to find the trail where it was upgraded or changed to be a 3D unit so I would say that, best guess, the M8176-F would be the correct adapter based on the age.