ETC Express MIDI Control Submaster Count

I have a question about MIDI control with an ETC express 72/144, My goal here is to fire Submaster bump buttons and Theres two things that dont seem to be explained in the manual. 

1) The console is allowed 10 pages of 24 submasters each, However the MIDI spec in the later part of the manual states only submasters 1-12 and 13-24 as examples. Can I control bump buttons for any of the other subs? lets say I want 1-24 on the console, then I control the bump buttons for 25-48 with MIDI, this would make sense as there's no other command which makes use of [Note On] and [Note off] message formats but it isnt explicity stated in the manual, whereas for cues there are examples for cue 1-999 

2)  Do Submaster bumps in MIDI work like they do in real life? Lets say I want to record a Moving light position to a submaster, then I set its hold time for something much greater than it'd ever be on for, effectively creating a Pallette on a console without them. Now I want to control that with MIDI, would the correct method be to send a Note On message for that submaster bump button, and when switching to another, using a Note off message for the first as well as a note on for the second? 

To make question 2 more clear heres another example.

Submaster 1 is an LED Full Red.

Submaster 2 is an LED Full Blue.

Would the correct way to execute one submaster or the other be to do the following?

1) <Note ON Status   Channel> <Note Number (1)> <Velocity (127)>

2) <Note OFF Status   Channel> <Note Number (1)> <Velocity (127)>

3) <Note ON Status   Channel> <Note Number (2)> <Velocity (127)>

*** Executes Sub 1, then switches to Sub 2 ***