5-pin power supply for ETC Express 24/48

We have an old ETC Express 24/48 lighting console at our main library branch in OKC. The power supply recently failed on it and we found a few vendors that was selling the ETC ps320 supply on their site. Each time we tried to order, they would get canceled because they all said that the manufacturer no longer has any to supply them.

We made the mistake of letting our local vendor take the power supply with them because they have apparently lost it, making it nearly impossible for us to build a new power supply because the 5-pin connector seems to be proprietary. 

Does anyone know where a power supply can be sourced at all?

I really don't care if it works, I just need the 5-pin connector. I have a Mean Well power supply that will be here tomorrow that I'm going to use for the 5v and 12v pins. I found the pinout for the power supplies here, so that part is not an issue:


I originally thought it was a 5-pin DIN connector, but after getting a connector in today to fashion my own power supply, I discovered it's not the same and it won't fit.

Ideally, we would have liked to have known about the problem sooner. But it was just recently brought to our attention, so it's too late to replace the entire system with a new, modern lighting console. Our new fiscal year starts on July 1 and our budget has already been approved and we aren't able to add updating a new lighting system this late in the current fiscal year.

  • ETC had a shortage and the parts suppler we were working with stop providing parts. We have recently worked around this and they are available. we have 13 in stock right now. Please try a dealer again and if they say they cannot get them, then email brent.harry@etcconnect.com with the name of the dealer and we will get it cleared up. 

  • Just an FYI, we were able to contact our vendor and they were able to place the order for us.

    However, the 5-pin connection on the end was not correct. It's a standard 180 degree 5-pin din. The connector on the ETC console needs a 6-pin 240 degree connector, with the middle pin removed. I was able to create our own DIY power supply using a Mean Well dual output power supply and soldered a 6-pin 240 degree DIN connector. The pinout chart on ETC's site shows the input side has 6 pins and that the middle pin is not used. My power supply did end up working. Not happy that we just spent $132 on a new power supply from ETC that won't work though. I'm just going to order another male DIN pin connector and solder it to the power supply we just bought. Just though you might want to know the other 12 units you have in stock aren't going to work with the ETC 24/48.

  • Thank you for letting us know. We did check stock and you are correct. We are in the process of reworking them to get them corrected. Please reach out to me so we can can a solution for the one that you ordered. Take care and we apologize for the problems you ran into. 

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