Accidentally cleared patch on ETC Express ( please help)

So i was changing the express from two scene to single scene. when i changed the number of dimmers 1024 to 1. Unfortunately this cleared the consoles patch. Is there anything i should try before i  re-patch the board. Im supposed to be running a concert tomorrow in that venue. Please help

  • Unfortunately, this will wipe your patch, and returning to 1024 outputs does not "revert" the patch.  You will either need to reload a showfile from floppy disk, or rebuild the patch from scratch.  Note that reloading the show from disk may have a different set of submasters / cues / etc so if you have multiple floppies lying around with shows, you may wish to test a few.

    If you have not been backing up to floppy disk, this is the reason to be doing so.

    I would be remiss not to suggest you can always contact your local Tech Support 24/7/365:  Technical Support has all the phone numbers and emails.